Seed Fund /Province 1

Province 1 – Stress Management & Motivational Workshops



As per our project proposal and with dependency on various donors we have developed our modified schedule for the project. The project is coordinating with different local bodies, schools, colleges, and CSOs as well as with the provincial government of province 1

Action Steps Responsibilities Timeline Venue Communications Plan
Psychosocial Counseling Workshop Project Coordinator  ToT – 27 April 2019 (Itahari Sunasri) – 20 Pax SOS Village, Itahari, SunsariProvince 1, NepalDamak Public Library, Damak Jhapa , Province 1, Nepal Orientation will be organized to the selected peer educator on Stress Management and Motivation.
Orientation to 2500 youths   Project Coordinator and Team Member with Peer Educators 29 April –09 May 2019  In Different Colleges/Institutions of Province 1

  • Janata Multiple Campus, Itahari
  • Sunsari Multiple Campus, Inaruwa,
  • Dharan Model College, Dharan
  • Sukuna Multiple Campus, Biratchowk
  • Damak Multiple Campus, Damak
  • Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus, Biratnagar
  • Ardarsha Janata Campus, Biratnagar
  • Ilam Multiple campus, Ilam
  • Mahendraratna Multiple Campus, Ilam
  • Baruwa Multiple Campus, Gaighat
  • Reliance spinnings Mills, Itahari
  • SKYEs Clubs (Sunsari & Morang)
Motivational workshops and stress management orientation with be held by the first week after TOT training.
Closing and Certification Ceremony Program Coordinator End of May 2019 Venue : Biratnagar Local government, CSOs, NGOs, Colleges and Schools will be involved in Closing Ceremony.
Documentation and Reporting Project Coordinator End of May 2019 Final Report will be prepared on the basis of collected feedback, learning during idea implementation.


Prepared by:

Shushil Rajbhar, Province Coordinator, Nepal Youth Council (NYC), Province 1, Nepal


Organized by: Nepal Youth Council, Nepal Youth Council – Province 1, Nepal Youth Council Sunsari Chapter

Seed Fund Partner: Coca-Cola

Supported by: IPAS, Habitat for Humanity, Safe the Earth


Collaboration with: Ithari Sub-Metropolitan City, Biratnagar Metropolitan City, Sundarharaicha Municipality – Morang, Damak Municipality – Jhapa, Birtamod Municipality, Bhardapur Municipality, Illam Municipality, Triyuga Municipality, Inaruwa Municipality – Sunsari


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