Speakers -NYC 2015


Session FIRST DAY (12th Aug, 2015)
Speaker Name Subject
First Session Mr. Rajan Bhattrai (CA Meber & Youth Poltician)
Mr. Ganesh Man Pun (CA Meber & Youth Poltician)
Mr. Aeindra Sundar Nemwang (CA Meber & Youth Poltician)
Mr. Yogendra Chaudhary Tharu (CA Meber & Youth Poltician)
Mr. Manish Jha (MD of FACTS’ Nepal)
FACTs’ of Nepalese Youths
Second Session Mr. Gobinda Bhattrai (General Secretary of NASA) “Youths for Road Safety”
Third Session MS. Krushnaa Patil (Second Youngest Female Mt. Everest Submitter from India) & Mr. Nirnaya NSK (Celebrity of Nepal) “Disaster Management”
Fourth Session Mr. Santosh Shah (Youths Celebrity and Icon) Success Stories
Fifth Session Mr. Asgar Ali (CEO of E-Sewa and F1 Soft) “Youths &Information Technology”
SECOND DAY (13th Aug, 2015)
First Session Mr. Ranjit Acharya (International Motivational Speaker) “Personality Development”
Second Session Mr. Ajay B. Pradhanang (MD of Fleur Himalayan) : NYEF
Dr. Sudarsan Basnet (Chainman of Chaitanya Spa) : NYEF
Mr. Rajan Simkhada (President of Earthbound Trekking & Expeditions)) : NYEF
“Youths Entrepreneurships”
Third Session Mr. Bal Krishna Sapkota (Rubber Plant Entrepreneur) Success Stories
Fourth Session Mr. Ramesh Adhikari (Administrative Director of Nepal Tourism Board) “Youths for Prosperity Tourism”
Fifth Session Mr. Bishnu Chapagain, PhD ( Country Director of Tevel) “Youths in Agriculture”
Sixth Session Ms. Sahilee Basnet (Seven Women Submitter’s Team)
Ms. Maya Gurung (Seven Women Submitter’s Team)
Success Stories
Seventh Session Mr. Dipendra Nath Sharpa ( Secretary : Ministry of Youths and Sports) “Youths Policy and Implementation”
THIRD DAY (14th Aug, 2015)
First Session Mr. Prakash Gautam : President of UNCON
Mr. Thala Raj Shrestha : Member of UNCON
Mr. Batuk Bista : Member of UNCON
Mr. Ganesh Raj Pandey : Member of UNCON
Mr. Devendra Shah & Others : Member of UNCON
Youths Interaction between UNCON & NYC Nepal team by Tele Conference on
Second Session Mr. Sudarsan Bidari (Organizer of NYC 2015)
Mr. Roshan Barnwal (Organizer of NYC 2015)
Suggestion Collection
Third Session Mr. Saroj Baniya (President of National Youth Council, Nepal) Strategic Planning for Nepalese & Youths Engagement
Fourth Session Organizer Suggestion Collection