National Youth Conference 2021

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, bordered by China in the north and India in the south, is a land of sublime natural beauty. Often recognized for its natural beauty, cultural diversity, and ethnic diversity, the country is famous as the land of Buddha and the land of Gurkhas all over the world. Although the country occupies a small area of 147,516 sq. km, it houses over 28 million people in its diverse landscape. The country follows a federal parliamentary republic system and has 7 provinces and 77 districts. Nepal has a traditional economic system in which the majority of the population engages in subsistence agriculture, and the allocation of available resources is made based on primitive methods.

Albeit the country houses over 28 million people only, the population comprises of youths in major numbers with a percentage of over 41. This population group has played an extremely prominent role in leading the overall development of the nation to make it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, disparities are still prevalent and the tendency of youths to go abroad is causing a major setback for the country. This age group bears the capacity to bring table-turning changes in the country if their energy is rightly utilized. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the youths be guided and led to explore their path in life and set goals for themselves with a vision for their nation.

If we look at the trend of the Nepalese youths, most of the youths are unaware of the potential to make a successful living in the motherland itself. A lot of youths are moving out to a new land in search of a better life and better earning. However, they are unaware of the opportunities due to the lack of knowledge, guidance, and motivation. Nepal shows extreme potential in agriculture as well as tourism. The youths must understand the necessity of engaging in these potential areas and earning their living in their motherland. Furthermore, the youths must also take charge of the leadership positions in governmental as well as non-governmental entities to make sure that the nation is moving ahead with changes as per the necessity of time. The nation also demands equal participation of women along with men to make sure that both groups are enhancing their capacities equally and nourishing their skills.

With a vision to address the problems the country and the youths face in the present scenario, Nepal Youth Council proposes to organize a two-day “National Youth Conference 2021” from 12-13 August 2021 in Kathmandu Nepal. From its establishment, Nepal Youth Council has been notably practicing gender equality and has been sticking its importance in the mind of youths from time to time as both parties carry an equal part for the prosperity of the nation. So, the conference will house equally represented and inclusive representatives, one boy and one girl each from 77 districts, and a group of 66 youths to ensure inclusion.  Nepal Youth Council is convinced that the conference will recognize the youths as an undeniably effective force into the mainstream of development in Nepal.



Nepal Youth Council (NYC Nepal) is a national level, legally registered, non-government organization with a network in all 77 districts of Nepal. NYC Nepal focuses on the development of Youth’s personality, Youth entrepreneurship, and leadership skills for the betterment of the country prioritizing achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

With the slogan “Youths are the Torchbearers of Change,” NYC Nepal has successfully organized various events over the issue of awareness on youth’s rights and responsibilities including the five National Youth Conferences; 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 (Virtually) in Kathmandu, the SDGs Festival 2018 in various cities across 7 provinces in association with UNDP Nepal, and Asian Youth Summit 2019 in Kathmandu collaborating with MasterPeace International. The NYC Nepal team is also forward in using information technology as a tool to continuously motivate youths in the field of tourism, agriculture, youth entrepreneurship, rule of law, and many more. 

NYC Nepal not only provides an equal opportunity to every youth for addressing different problems but also provides opportunities to interact with professionals and experts to localize the SDGs focusing on youth empowerment and capacity development. It has already won the trust of donors, supporters, and partner organizations and has been continuously supported by these trustees in many youth engaging programs. We already have had successful partnerships with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Social Development of Sudurpashchim Province, Industries, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Sudurpashchim Provinces, Dhanagadhi Sub-Metropolitan City, Godawari Municipality, Ministry of Social Development of Gandaki Province, Pokhara Metropolitan City, United Nations in Nepal, UNDP Nepal, Coca-Cola, Merojobs, Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), Ministry of Forest and Environment (Department of Environment), all 7 provincial Government, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), MasterPeace, The Asia Foundation (TAF), Nabil Bank, Art of Living, Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Visit Nepal 2020, Oxfam Nepal, Himalayan Organization, Pokhara Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Kailali Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Laxmi Bank, Texas College of Management & IT, Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, Confederation of Nepalese Industries, Human Resource Society Nepal, Growth Sellers, Empire Education & Visa Services, NIST College, GoGo Foundation, TTA Nepal, Alliance of Agriculture for Food, Waseda Japanese Language School, Sekai Educational Consultancy, Worldlink, edusanjal.com, Hamro Patro, CIN, Marie Stopes, Sunaulo Pariwar Nepal, Australian Aid, WWF Nepal, ILO Nepal, UNCON, Prabhu Bank, Mega Bank, Civil Bank, TAG Nepal, Oli & Associates, FACTS Nepal, Microsoft Innovation Nepal, Rotary International District 3292 Nepal–Bhutan, Lions Club International, Bernhardt College, Kings College, NYEF, Lincoln College, Royal Enfield Nepal, Kafia Films, OM Cements, IME Life Insurance, FOGG, Santosh Shah Foundation, Dish Home, Praramva Social Organization, Rooster Logic, NIIT Kathmandu Center, NASA, E-Dheba, HONS, Sparrow SMS, Khalti, Sitaram Dudh, Dhumbarahi Dairy, St. George School, Nepal Dairy Association, AIDIA, Lions Club of Kathmandu Kailash, and many more.  



  1. To encourage the involvement of Nepali Youths in decision-making processes in all three levels of Government,

  2. To focus on the enhancement of youths in the field of leadership, entrepreneurship, networking, and personality development, and

  3. To mobilize the youth delegates from 77 districts to plan policies genuinely beneficial for youths and the nation and persuade federal, provincial, and local governments to have an impact on the local and national levels.



In total, 220 youth representatives – 220 from Nepal will attend the Conference. The conference will house 154 youths (one female and one male) from all 77 districts of Nepal. In addition to that, 66 youths (gender-balanced) will be selected from the differently-abled, Dalits, diverse ethnic groups, minority communities, and LGBTQ to ensure inclusion.



  • Should be a youth of 18-35 years of age
  • Should be involved in social activities in his/her home district, or should be involved in some kind of entrepreneurship, or should be studying in the same district 
  • Should not be associated with any political party  
  • Should be able to produce at least three evidence of activities that she/he has conducted for social transformation 
  • In case a district does not have a balanced representation of a female and a male, efforts will be made to identify at least three alternate candidates to ensure equal representation. 


Nepal Youth Council values youths as the most valuable assets for a nation and has constantly been involving with youths to encourage them to involve in their community. Since its establishment, NYC has made sure that the thematic areas resonate with the necessity of time and widens a sense of possibility among the participating youths. Taking the same tradition forward, Nepal Youth Council has come up with the following areas as the thematic areas for National Youth Conference 2021.

  1. Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health
  2. Sustainable Development Goal No.3 – Good health and Well-being
  3. Civic Engagement for Environment and Agriculture
  4. Youth & Information Technology



Nepal Youth Council has always prioritized mobilizing youths at their own local level to ensure a proper decentralization of skills the participants learn at the conference. Taking the tradition forward, Nepal Youth Council will facilitate and implement a seed fund at NYC 2021. The participants will pitch their ideas revolving around the theme “Youth Engagement in Climate Change Initiatives”. A tentative timeline is given below:

  1. Idea Pitching- 14 Aug 2021(3 ideas from each province)
  2. Every Saturday, the short-listed team will interact with a coach or a mentor
  3. Each short-listed team will get proper training on how to implement their ideas at the local level.
  4. The winners will be announced on 21st September