World Health Organisation estimates that, by 2030, 250,000 people will die each year due to the effects of climate change! BUT WHAT IF we reverse that!! 

 It takes 250,000 COOLeaders to COOL Earth, NOW!  

COOLeaders drive positive climate actions within their communities as they champion efforts to COOL Earth. We will know their names, and support their actions. 


What Makes a Leader, COOLeader?

Connect with climate change-makers 
Organize positive mass actions as a platform for taking action 
Offer opportunities equally for community members to contribute 
Lead a movement of dedicated change-makers and drive transformation in local communities.

The MasterPeace network, present in 45 countries, is about to launch the “COOLeaders” campaign dedicated to taking action on climate change. In 2022, our network successfully implemented 400 projects with a localized impact. These projects were designed to Engage, Connect, and Empower thousands of young individuals. Our objective is to encourage dialogue and concrete actions that align with the ambitious goals outlined in the Paris Agreement and reinforce the urgent warnings expressed in the IPCC report.

  • Act now wherever you can, whatever you can to stop climate change

  • Tag us using #COOLeaders

  • Make a powerful video statement starting with I am a COOLeader…

  • Use our templates to create a post on your social media

  • Invite your friends and networks to this action-oriented campaign