National Youth Conference 2015 (12-14 August, 2015)

Program Name : National Youth Conference 2015
Program Date : 12-14th Aug, 2015
Program Venue : Kathmandu, NEPAL
Participate Age : 18-30 years
Registration Deadline : 31st July, 2015
Selection Criteria : 150 youths from 75 districts + 15 Tourism Students + 15 Players + 25 Foreign Youths (from 15+ country)
Participation Category : Social Activist, Youths Entrepreneur, Youths Leaders and Dynamic Youths

Cell : +977 9851152843 / 9801152843
Inquiry : nyc2015@nationalyouthcouncil.org



The political instability and the nation’s incapability to employ the youths of Nepal has resulted many adverse aspects that could backfire the process of Nation’s growth and development. The frustration and the despair within youths, who occupy the 40% of total population, are failing to find opportunities in Nepal. Hence, many fly to Europe, America and Australia to sell their expertise and others fly to Gulf or Asian countries to earn bread and butter for their families.

Youths have started to believe that they won’t have quality life working in Nepal. The consequences have the youths into addiction and crimes.

National Youth Council, Nepal hereby, proposes the National Youth Conference 2015. The Seminar aims to bring two young minds from each districts of Nepal, who still see the signs of hope within the country. The Conference will focus on nurturing their young brains to have faith in the country, which will ultimately help them to implement their ideas into industrialization, nation development and personal growth.

The Seminar with the slogan “Youths for Social Transformation” helps youths to enhance their positive sides into the overall growth of the country. The Conference will expose the talented youths scattered throughout the country who have potential to lead the country in the future as well.


Objectives of the “National Youth Conference 2015”

  1. To enhance the positive thinking within the youths so that they would be independent by achieving practical knowledge, this amplifies personal and community growth
  2. To inspire the youths into entrepreneurship so that they create enough opportunities inside the country itself
  3. To provide the young minds with an opportunity to put their vision regarding different aspects of the community so that the exact state of mind of many youths can be identified.
  4. To encourage the young Nepalese minds for personality development and guide them on it.
  5. To let them acknowledge the clear message of the Seminar “Youths for Change” and make them believe that they can make the difference.


Outputs after the National Youth Conference 2015

  1. The development of positive thoughts within the participants
  2. Faith in Unity
  3. Transformation into capable and optimistic citizen
  4. Independent
  5. Ready to lead
  6. Incline towards starting a entrepreneurship


Subject Matter for Conference:

  1. Youths Entrepreneurship
  2. Youths for Tourism
  3. Information Technology
  4. Youths for Agriculture
  5. Personality Development
  6. Youth Policy and Implementation
  7. Disaster Management



  1. Senior Tourism Professional
  2. Motivational Speaker on personal development and positive thinking
  3. A speaker on life
  4. A speaker on possibility of successful entrepreneur in Nepal and the challenges attached to it
  5. A speaker on youth psychology and its effect in the community
  6. Young successful speakers
  7. Young politicians
  8. Speaker from the Ministry of Youth


We will provide to Participate:

  1. Participation Certificate
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Conference Documents
  4. Others things

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